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treatment sans-serif;”>The Julytadalafil sans-serif;”> – August 2014 issue of the Research*eu – Results magazine reported on the MEDIADEM project. Published by the Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS), pill  the magazine provides information on research findings from EU- funded research and development projects.  More »


New publication: Media Policies Revisited. The Challenge for Media Freedom and Independence

What are the characteristics that render the media free and independent, and do European media policies develop in ways that promote media freedom and independence? What are the main constraints or threats to the operation of free and independent media, and what are the policy processes, institutional structures, regulatory practices and tools that can help counteract these? MEDIADEM’s second collective volume, entitled ‘Media Policies Revisited. The Challenge for Media Freedom and Independence’ (edited by E. Psychogiopoulou) explores key features of media policies and regulation in fourteen countries, investigating their strengths and weaknesses in the protection of media freedom and the promotion of independent media behaviour. More »


Nouveaux écrans, nouvelle régulation?

9782804462789This book contains the proceedings of the international conference ‘New television screens, new regulation’ (‘Nouveaux écrans, nouvelle régulation?), held on 5-6 July 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. It is the result of the cooperation between the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (BE) and the Belgian MEDIADEM team. More »


MEDIADEM report on project output and areas for future research

Credits: Creative Commons

This report seeks to evaluate the lessons learnt from MEDIADEM’s research and to assess the communication strategy employed for the diffusion of project findings to various stakeholders at the national and European levels. On the basis of the research conducted, order the report also considers follow-up research directions in the field of media policy and regulation, and media freedom and independence. More »


Third MEDIADEM policy brief

The third MEDIADEM policy brief is devoted to the role of the EU and the Council of Europe in supporting media freedom and independence. Drawing on the research that was carried out throughout the duration of the MEDIADEM project, malady this policy brief provides a succinct overview of key areas of concern in relation to the development of policies that create an enabling environment for media freedom and independence, online identifying key pressures on the operation of free and independent media. More »


MEDIADEM final European conference

The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), sales the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) co-organised the final conference of the MEDIADEM project on ‘Media freedom and independence: Trends and challenges in Europe’. The conference took place on 7 February 2013 in Brussels. It was hosted by the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union. More »


MEDIADEM’s final consortium meeting

MEDIADEM researchers met in Brussels on 8 February 2013 for the final consortium meeting of the project. The meeting was organised and hosted by Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). It served to discuss the project’s progress in terms of research and dissemination activity and to assess the contribution of the project to science and policy, among others. More »


Working paper: Private regulation, freedom of expression and journalism: Towards a European approach?

Credits: kmardahl/ Creative commons

The increasing role of electronic media in news and, viagra more generally, tadalafil in content production is changing the scope and boundaries of the journalism profession and the instruments deployed to regulate the activity. Historically, journalism has primarily been self-regulated. The limits of public legislation, mainly driven by the constitutional constraints posed by the freedom of expression, have created different models of national private regulatory regimes across Europe. Media regulation is a multilevel architecture and national legal systems still play a primary role in designing rules concerning news production. More »


Workshop: ‘Devolution & independence – The future of the media in Scotland’

The University of Edinburgh held a workshop on 7 January 2013 on the future of the media in Scotland. The workshop considered the issues that arise from operating media in a devolved country, viagra as well as possible consequences for the media should Scotland vote in favour of independence in the upcoming referendum in 2014. The workshop brought together academics, store students, view policy makers and politicians. More »


Conference ‘Media policy: news journalism & media competency – how can the watchdog be nourished?’

Photo by BNS/H.Rebane

On 7 December 2012, online the Chair of Journalism of the University of Tartu held a conference on media policy, viagra focusing on the quality of news journalism and media literacy issues. The conference, organised in the framework of the MEDIADEM project, experienced windfall interest and participation. More »

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