Brief description of the legal entity

The School of Communication and Media (SKAMBA) was established in February 2008 in Bratislava. The School’s primary area of focus is mass media communication, with emphasis on political communication. The School places high priority in international cooperation, teaching and research in media and communication sciences. It is staffed by specialists in media studies and journalists.

Short profile of the team members

Andrej Školkay, the scientist in charge of the research team of the School of Communication and Media, has lectured at journalism and media schools across Slovakia and abroad. He has published widely on various aspects of the media, focusing in particular on the relationship between media and politics. He is the author of Media and Globalisation (School of Communication and Media, Bratislava 2009) and a book on Media Law in Slovakia (Kluwer Law International, The Netherlands). He is the Director of the School of Communication and Media.

Title: Dr.
Position: Director
Tel: +421 949369255

Address: School of Communication and Media, n.o.
Handlovska 45
Bratislava 851 01

Mária Hong is Senior Research Fellow at the School of Communication and Media in Bratislava, Slovakia. She worked as a foreign correspondent for TASR Slovakia in Los Angeles reporting on political, economic, and cultural news, serving as the sole Slovak newswire correspondent in the US. Previously, from 2001 to 2006, Ms Hong was a senior communication adviser to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Mr Mikuláš Dzurinda. In 2005, she worked in the German Press Office and the German Federal Ministry of the Interior under the auspices of a Robert Bosch Fellowship.


Veronika Vandáková is Junior Researcher at the School of Communication and Media Bratislava, Slovakia. She has worked as a marketing director in TV Bratislava researching audience behaviour and the role of the local media in society, and as Researcher at the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Veronika has also worked for a non-governmental organisation in a project aimed at minority education and women’s rights and equality in the labour market.