Joint seminar of MEDIADEM’s Spanish research team and the Catalan Audiovisual Authority

The Spanish MEDIADEM research team and the Catalan Audiovisual Authority (CAC) co-organised a seminar on regulation, viagra co-regulation, self-regulation and the social responsibility of audiovisual media. The CAC is pioneer in Spain in supervising the conformity of audiovisual media to law and so far, the most active body of its kind in the country. The seminar took place on 20 June 2011 at the premises of the CAC in Barcelona and papers were presented both by academics and experts actively involved in the regulation of audiovisual media or in the supervision of audiovisual media activities. The purpose of the seminar was to gather different perspectives on the issue of regulatory strategies, which has become one of the central elements of the media policy discussion today. Also, recent debates on the creation of a Spanish Authority on Audiovisual Media were dealt with.

The agenda of the seminar is available in Spanish and Catalan.

For more information on the workshop you may contact Susana de la Sierra.