MEDIADEM partners contribute to the work of a special drafting-law committee in Greece

The report on ‘Media policies and regulatory practices – the case of Spain’ is now available in Spanish. View the report Políticas públicas europeas sobre medios de comunicación y prácticas regulatorias: la situación en España here.

Credits: Bull3t/ Creative Commons

The Greek Government has formed a special committee to examine the possibility of enacting new legislation in order to deal with issues relating to the civil and criminal liability for libel, defamation, calumny and other acts or offenses committed by website/blog administrators or website owners or users of the respective services.

The MEDIADEM project contributed to the work of the committee by compiling and providing information concerning the relevant applicable rules in other European countries. The following countries were covered: Finland, Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain.

The proposals of the group are expected in November 2011. For more information you may contact Evangelia Psychogiopoulou.