MEDIADEM report on project output and areas for future research

Credits: Creative Commons

This report seeks to evaluate the lessons learnt from MEDIADEM’s research and to assess the communication strategy employed for the diffusion of project findings to various stakeholders at the national and European levels. On the basis of the research conducted, order the report also considers follow-up research directions in the field of media policy and regulation, and media freedom and independence. These are: a) the effect of new technologies on news media markets and the media profession; b) the effect of new technologies on regulatory structures and regulatory capabilities; c) copyright, intermediaries and public access to information; d) implementation of EU media law and regulation in Member States and candidate counties; e) the role of the European institutions in the development of a ‘European media code’; f) ensuring a meaningful and democratic public space; and g) balancing the needs of public service media and commercial broadcasters. The report is available here.