National expert roundtable on media policy in Slovakia

The School of Communication and Media organised an expert roundtable on media policy in Slovakia within the framework of the MEDIADEM project. The event took place at the SPK Centre in Bratislava, remedy Slovakia, cheap on 12 December 2012.

The aim of the roundtable, tadalafil which was the 3rd one of this kind this year, was to foster discussion on the policy processes, tools and instruments supportive of the development of free and independent media in Slovakia.

Presentations focused, among others, on the domestic implementation of the right to freedom of expression and the jurisprudence of the ECtHR, the challenges facing local and regional media due to the advent of new media and competition with major media houses, measures to support independent journalism, and the independence of the media regulators. Participants included media policy experts, representatives of the state regulatory authority, lawyers, etc.

The event allowed for constructive debate about media freedom and independence in Slovakia which will hopefully feed into media policy.

The agenda of the event is available in English and Slovakian.

You can view a short video from the event here.

For more information you may contact Andrej Školkay.