Workshop on ‘European policy for free and independent media systems: Current issues for regulation’

On 4 November 2010, medical the European University Institute (EUI) organised a workshop entitled ‘European policy for free and independent media systems: Current issues for regulation’. The workshop was devoted to the definition of the research questions that will guide the analysis of a comparative report on media regulation that the EUI will prepare at a later stage of the Mediadem project. Four main axes have been identified for discussion: a) constitutional principles and the allocation of regulatory space that they entail at the domestic and European levels; b) differences in regulatory strategies regarding the media, look focusing on content and access aspects; c) private regulation and its evolution due to technological innovation; and d) the relationship between the supply chain structure and the regulatory regime.

Throughout the workshop emphasis was placed on the importance of the mix of private and public involvement in media regulation, that is, the different regulatory techniques that are used for media regulation, with a special focus on self-regulation and co-regulation. ‘New media’ were also addressed. Participants discussed definitional matters, as well as the effects of new media on the current regulatory framework. The existing coordination/conflict between competition law and policy and media regulation also received attention.

The agenda of the workshop is available here.

For more information on the workshop, you may contact Federica Casarosa.